Why Haseeb B.A Licensed Paralegal?

What I Can Do For You?

When you retain Haseeb B.A Licensed Paralegal to represent you in your Landlord & Tenant or Small Claims matter, you will have chosen a professional who will always take care of your best interests. My skill and expertise will ensure that you are taking the most efficient and cost-effective path that best represents your needs. I will assume responsibility for all the required paperwork, applications, forms and documents. I will expertly review your completed application prior to submitting it to the tribunal and/or courts. If there are any questions or concerns, I will ensure to clarify them immediately in a timely manner. All communication will be relayed back to you promptly. In order to prevent long delays in the process, it is critical that all paperwork be completed and processed correctly and for this you need an expert.

Why Am I The Best Choice?

In a matter as critical as your case it is imperative that you have someone whose main area of practice is Small Claims and Landlord Tenant Law explain your rights and advocate on your behalf. There are many legal professionals to choose from in Toronto however I have the passion and desire to fight for my clients. No case is too big or too small so even if it is just the forms or paperwork that you need help with, you cannot afford to make a mistake, I am here to help.